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For the small fee we arrange airport or other shuttle for you, consult you in the common question in Germany, organize for you a restaurant, theater, shopping or a bike tour.

Culture Town


Duesseldorf is well known for its carneval partys. Especially for those days it attracts many people to the Altstadt. Various clubs offer a sea of colours and enjoyable atmosphere.


Over 7 bridges you must cross...

The city with its 635.000 habitants is bound with 7 bridges, which characterize the main image of Duesseldorf. Despite they serve for various goals, they all offer a beautiful perspective to the Rhine and the surrounding.

Family on board


Historically and culturally Duesseldorf has a lot to offer. There are Castles and Herrenhaeuser with their beautiful gardens, which impact the view on Duesseldorf. A popular target to visit is the Benrath Castle with its museums. 

Longest bar in the world


The Altstadt attracts people with cheap cocktail prices and most varied bars and clubs. They guarantee good mood for young or old. Because all the bars have come together to this point, they were able to get the title "longest bar in the world".

Shopping with incredible views


Whoever comes across Duesseldorf, can't miss a walk through the „Köö“ , which is short for Koenigsallee. Here you can find a bunch of luxuruy shops, which all lay along the Koe, with it's 200 trees it gives incredbile perspectives. Especially at nights when the lights are mirrored in the water.


Architecture at its best

The Media Harbour, "Medienhafen", is a place where modern architecture has arisen to spectacular heights. The mix of old harbour buildings with newest technological innovations has become unique and now it's also good spot for restaurants and bars, definetly a must visist in Duesseldorf.

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